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Eugene Jerome Poinc

April 20, 1930 - July 23, 2002.


This whole memorial area to Gene has only been made possible through the work done and material sent here by his long time friend Larry White (Magic Editor of MUM Magazine) and others (see the credits at the bottom of the page). It is hoped that  more of his friends will now  contribute and help to expand this special area dedicated to a very special man.  For now though, just click on the underlined heading of your choice to know more about him. If you want to add to this area, just email us by CLICKING HERE.


All About Poinc By Poinc.

Gene's biography which he posted on the Shadow Digest as way of introducing himself to the members. A much more detailed version is given in the 'Who's Who' area on this website.


Gene's Death And Afterwards.

Here you will read details of his death and overviews of his memorial services. 


Gene Poinc, Recollections by Larry White.

These pages contain lesser known details of Gene's life and of his and Larry's special friendship.

Gene By His Friends.

This is an ongoing area where Gene's friends (long or short-time) can post their reminiscences of contact with him.

Gene Talks.

Here you will find a selection of MP3 soundtracks taken from cassette tapes sent to Larry White over a period of years.



Virtually all the material displayed in these galleries has so far been provided by Gene's friend Larry White, with a few additional contributions from many of Gene's friends. Gene was gifted in so many artistic areas and we hope that you too enjoy and appreciate these small but varied selections. Just click on the underlined heading of your choice.

Gene's Paintings.

Gene's Sculptures.

Gene's Woodcuts.

Gene's Cartoons and Sketches.

An ever growing collection.


Credits:- Larry White, Santiago, 'Kymeth', Walt Anthony, the Dragonskull Team, 

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