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On  a lovely Easter Sunday in Detroit, April 20, 1930, Marie and Edmund Poinc assumed that what emerged from Marie was the fruit of their loins.  In truth, my genesis was in another galaxy within another universe which presently flourishes within another dimension.  My reason for being among you cannot be disclosed at this time; what can be is the expectation of tithing on your parts, and abject consequences of not doing so, to my Wee Church of the Chocolate Chip Cookie.

To pass as child earthling I learned of subterfuge magic, rather than employing my inherent miracle working ability, from a library book, and witnessing a magician at a church father and son dinner.  Fascinated by so primitive a means of working wonders my interest in the subject grew, a kind of cultural anthropological study of Planet Earth chicanery.

In your institute of mid-level learning, high school, one Milt Larsen and I became friends in tormenting the Reserved Officers Training Corps (ROTC).  His purpose in doing so was mere love of the comic; mine was other - -- an understanding of, and infiltration of what subsequently would be part of the military defense of your planet.  My reasons for doing so had best be left unsaid.

Through Milton I came to know his father William Larsen, Sr. publisher of GENII Magazine.  As a result I began doing illustrations and writing original magical conceptions for the publication. Upon graduating from high school, I traversed the purple mountains and amber waves of grain of your planet to New York where I studied painting at the Art Students' League and supported myself by being a Reader of palms, cards, and with young hopes of bosoms (for which, alas, there was no demand) at the Gypsy Tea Kettle tea room.

After a year I returned to Los Angeles, continued illustrating and writing for GENII (which was to last for many years),  William Larsen,Sr. was my magical mentor, and was preparing me as a mentalist when he died unexpectedly.

I continued doing readings at private parties, and some entertaining at birthday festivities for the very young of your world.  So impressionable the little scamps. In time my writing expanded to magazines, television (with emphasis on educational specials for the young) and films both religious and those for more popular viewing such as the Katharine Hepburn feature "Olly Olly Oxen Free" based on my novel of the same title.

Prior to employment as an editor with Carte Blanche Magazine I continued my interest in magic, and made two appearances on the early YOU ASKED FOR IT television program.  One was an original illusion: "The Creation of a Woman"  in a mortar, she was made of bubbling chemicals and moonbeams.  The other presentation was one in which I was billed as, "The Artist Who If He Can't Sell His Paintings -- Eats Them".  A glorious landscape constructed of chopped up vegetables. Part of which I ate because people were starving in Europe.

I eventually wrote two books of original illusions, continued my association with GENII, and in the future M-U-M.  Within a fairly long Earth time-frame, but nanosecond in mine, I was reluctantly dragged into the computer world by one Laurence White (who since has been and will always be a blight on my life) and Bizarre Magick.  I found the environs of Brother Shadow's  Shadowland, on the Shadow Network, enriching both as source of learning more of your planet's superstitions, arcane truths and, forgive me, at times rampant lunacies. Such was also true of the Electronic Grymoire. 

As a consequence I began contributing original effects to the networks and electronic magazines (accomplished by trickery which would be within the abilities of you all, rather than by the miraculous which is inherent nature to me, but not to you).  I also have a website which you are welcome to visit. Inspired by the Bizarre, I wrote six books on the subject.  The first of a trilogy, "The Practitioner: Journeys Into Grey" is now available, the others to also be published by Mary Tomich's Thaumysta Publishing Company as soon as she ceases the nonsense of earning a living and devotes all her energies to what truly matters.

To whatever degree a superior entity of a superior universe in a superior dimension is capable of the quaint human emotion of gratitude -- I shall ever be grateful to White the Blight, Brother Shadow and Mary Tomich. I am now involved in trance contact with The Great Beyond; specifically with one you all of murderous ilk find inordinately fascinating - -- a Miss Lizzie Borden.

I apologize for the brevity of this introduction, but as initially stated I find talking about myself quite embarrassing.  In conclusion -- Chocolate Chip Cookies (Sugar Free and no nuts) are the traditional tithe to my Wee Church of the Chocolate Chip Cookie.  Those who pay heed will find safe passage on the Salvation Ships of my World at time of Assimilation;  as for those who do not.....!

Your Most Humble Servant,
From Another Planet Poinc.

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