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It is with great sadness that we reported the death of Gene Poinc. He died on Tuesday morning, July 23rd. He was 73 years young.

"The world is no longer quite as rich as it used to be."


Gene Poinc Memorial.

The memorial service for Gene Poinc was held on Saturday, August 17th, beginning promptly at 3:00 pm, in the Inner Circle room of The Magic Castle in Hollywood, California.

Gene Poinc's Memorial Service was a fitting send-off for our beloved NLT++++(etc). Family, friends, neighbors, and magicians gathered in
the members theatre on the lower level of the Magic Castle to celebrate Gene's life and contributions to art and magic.

A remembrance program had a full color painting by Gene-- a self-portrait done in his youth portraying him as his historic aristocrat relative who died in the battle of Grunwald in 1707 AD-- needless to say this set the tone for the afternoon.

The introductory reading was The Ship, a story of comfort often used in Unity (Daily Word) Services.  The affectionate appellation of NLT+++ was by acclimation altered from National Living Treasure  to National Legendary Treasure, and this was followed by a heartfelt Eulogy about Uncle Eugene delivered by Anthony Colla.

Next, Gene's genius was sampled in what may have been the World Premiere of his Bizarre version of the Hippity-Hop-Rabbits....The Lizzie Borden Bunnies.

Several of those assembled stood to share their memories and stories about Gene, all seeming to agree that he was not gone but lurking around the corner eavesdropping.... his oldest High School friend shared a picture of the two of them in an early production of Twelfth Night. His niece, Elizabeth spoke of the importance of his bed time stories as she and her brother were growing up, then Renee and Robert (her husband) shared their amazement at the impact the gift of an old computer made on Gene's life and the on-line magic world (all of gene's notes, routines, and even books, they learned were created only on the computers note pad  as Microsoft Word was too new-fangled to bother with).

Robin DeWitt (representing Shadowland's Kardor) spoke of Gene's friendship and concern for other's well-being, and Walt recounted Gene's infamous Mind Reading Act tale.

A wand was passed about the room, for people to hold, and imbue with their thoughts, grief, feelings, and wishes-- and a brief history of the wand and its traditions were shared with the non magic folks gathered. Finally, all the Magicians present were invited to form a circle as Ed Thomas, President of the SAM performed the honor of breaking the wand in two.

The ceremonies ended with the reading of a poem, Do Not Stand, and
everyone moved to the lobby area to share a bounteous spread of shrimp, cold cuts, and of course huge chocolate chip cookies (no nuts!) all Gene's favorite treats.

Gene was present not only in Spirit, but as a heavy brass cabinet filled with his ashes, and sporting a huge scarlet question mark-- a touch fondly and wittily added by his nephew Richard.

Those gathered were invited to take home a memento of Gene's --one of his wood block prints, a vintage picture, or small nik-nak.

This Memorial Celebration, in an expanded format, will be re-staged this November at the ICBM Gathering in Hartford thanks to the efforts of Grand Magus Joe Cabral and loyal friend Larry White.  I'll be bringing the remaining copies of the program, and souvenir art and pictures to share with the magicians gathered.

(NOTE: Madame Groznoya, feeling she would be unable to contain her grief, did not attend Gene's Memorial Celebration, and instead took the Twins to the Los Angeles Zoo for the afternoon... the Twins were mildly annoyed that the service was not held at "their" clubhouse.)

The above overview by Rev Walt Anthony (aka Brother Walt).


In lieu of flowers, the wishes are to send a donation to the Magician's Retirement Fund. You can contribute to this deserving fund anytime. The address to send donations to is:  S.A.M. Magic Endowment Fund, 15 Warren Street, Hackensack, New Jersey 07601, U.S.A.


Finally...A few words from Gene.

Larry White, good and long time friend of Gene, has kindly sent us this short soundtrack.

"I can't conceive" by Gene Poinc.

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