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Gene, By His Friends.

During his memorial service at the Magic Castle, a wand was passed about the room, for people to hold, and imbue with their thoughts, grief, feelings, and wishes. This section is for all who would like to share their thoughts and feelings of Gene with us in print. Perhaps YOU would like to email us YOUR memories of contact with him. To do so CLICK HERE.



Brother Shadow.

A Remembrance.
It was Larry White who first put me in contact with that remarkable being from another planet....Gene Poinc, and I can never thank Larry enough.

I was never fortunate enough to meet Gene in person, much to my regret, but we hit  off from the start. I introduced him to the Shadow-Digest and things will never be the same there again.

Outside of the shadow digest, Gene and I were in touch with each other daily and we got to know each other very well. We had no secrets from each other. Knowing each others favorite things we exchanged gifts often. I won’t tip our little secrets, but will say I’m very happy that the post office never opened any of our packages to each other.

Gene changed the way many of us looked at magic, and gave freely of his time to anyone who needed help, specially with writing routines. In reading any of Gene’s routines you will never find an unnecessary word.

His books should be in the library of any serious performer, and studied for the construction of his routines. There is a reason for every word, coma, and pause. He set a goal for all of us.

I don’t believe he is dead, but just visiting his home planet, where ever the hell that is, and that he is still hovering over us, making sure we heed his golden lessons.

Come back Gene.....we need you,
Brother Shadow.

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