unspeakable acts

Unspeakable Acts
by Jim Magus

Unspeakable Acts:   Get to know Tom Palmer a.k.a. Tony Andruzzi & Masklyn Ye Mage through his own words and through those that knew him by reading this comprehensive book written by Jim Magus with Terry Nosek and Neil Tobin. And discover an unforgettable life brimming with hilarious, touching, and outrageous stories -- made all the more amazing by the fact that some of them are actually true.

Tom Palmer was no ordinary magician; he wasn't even three ordinary magicians. After making his reputation as an award-winning comedy-Magic performer, he ditched it all to become pioneer a of bizarre Magick.

As Tony Andruzzi, he then wrote and performed under yet a third persona, Masklyn ye Mage. Under one or more of these guises he built pieces for major illusionists, published his own influential Magic periodical, headed a witch coven, ran a Magic shop, created highly collectible handmade books, hosted an infamous alcohol-fueled annual convention, testified to the Warren Commission on the Kennedy assassination, married four times, and has continued to impact the world of Magic 20 years after his death.

This wonderful book contains 534 pages, is illustrated and has a Case wrapped hard cover. It's planned publication date (Halloween 2010) was missed but it's out now so don't miss out. 

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