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Tony Andruzzi was Joe Lantiere's inspiration in Bizarre Magick. Although they never met in person, they had much in common as far as subject matter in this area. Metaphysically, they were both on the same paths. Andruzzi performed REAL bizarre magick, not some of the goofy or geeky stuff being touted nowadays as such. Joe wanted to do his part to keep the memory of Tony alive, pay his respects to him and educate newcomers who didn't know who Tony Andruzzi was, so he set up a web on the internet. In August 2004, Joe Lantiere kindly donated that web page and his work to DragonSkull in the hope that it will now be greatly expanded upon, visited by more people and preserved for all. 

When you click on the animation below, you will be taken to Joe's work which takes up page 1. In the not too distant future, we shall be adding more pages (containing photographs) to the area and If YOU have any material which could be included, please email us.


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