Dragonskull Magic presents a profile of Tony Andruzzi.

Tony Andruzzi.

Born in Cheyenne, Wyoming, 1925.  Legal name by adoption of Antonio C. Andruzzi. Learned at age 8 from a magic set. Pro comedy magic and illusionist as Tom Palmer from 1950's to early 70's. Married 1947-64 to Gloria Jacobsen (Gloria Marcom) for whom he designed her "Vampira" act in 1960. He invented 'Satan's Seat' illusion by 1959. Won 7 TAOM awards (the record) 1959-63.

Reclaimed Antonio C. Andruzzi as alternative legal name since 1970. Switched to bizarre magick as "Tony Andruzzi", "Masklyn ye Mage", and "Daemon Ecks". Edited New Invocation from 1981. In 1984 he founded the Invocational, the annual conclave of bizarrists.

Wrote Modern Illusions (1959, 40pp), The Tie Pitch (1960), The Vampira Act (1960), The Famous Flea Act (1962), Cagey Doves (1962), & The Comedy Act of and by Tom Palmer (1969), 47pp), all under his original name.

As Tom Palmer.

Then, writing as Masklyn ye Mage, The Negromicon of Masklyn ye Mage (1977), Grimoire of the Mages (1980), The Legendary Scroll of Masklyn ye Mage (1983), & Daemon's Diary (1984).

Numerous articles in Sphinx, Tops, Genii, Magick, Dope Sheet, Invocation & New Invocation. Made and released a video in 1988.

The above is as listed in Bart Whaley's, 'Who's Who In Magic.'

Tony Andruzzi was a dear friend to many but was especially close to Carl Herron (Brother Shadow) and Charles W. Cameron. He would always try to return to Scotland from the States each year to attend Charles' birthday and they conversed frequently by audio tape. Tony died on December 22nd, 1991 and is sadly missed by all.

Photo above shows Charles W. Cameron (left) with Brother Shadow (right)


Book Finally Released in 2011

Unspeakable Acts by Jim Magus with Terry Nosek and Neil Tobin.

A book about the exciting life of Tom Palmer and his alter ego's. Full details in the Tony Andruzzi Memorial Area.



Clip only available whilst it resides on YouTube. If the player does not work,click on the icon below



Clip only available whilst it resides on YouTube. If the player does not work,click on the icon below

 More information and photos were once available to view at a website run by Joe Lantiere but in August 2004, Joe donated that web page and his work on it to this website. That work has provided the start to a memorial area for Tony and you can visit that area now by CLICKING HERE.

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