Oracle-Into the Unknown. A publication dedicated to the art of Mentalism, Spirit Theater, Bizarre and Storytelling Magic.

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Oracle was a publication dedicated to the art of :-
Mentalism, Spirit Theater, Bizarre and Storytelling Magic.

Edited by David Goodsell and Larry White.

SADLY, after a run of three volumes, the magazine ended shortly before the death of Larry White in 2008.

Since the first issue was released in January 2006, this became THE magazine that got everyone talking.

ORACLE was published every three months and each issue generally ran 12 to 14 pages and contained from three to six effects or routines, plus a short feature such as an interview with a luminary in the field or an essay on a particular topic, and interesting curiosities. But, and there was a major difference from any magazine published in the past, accompanying each issue was supplemental materials posted on the Oracle web site, available only to subscribers via a password published in each issue.

The magazine and website was a joint venture on the part of David Goodsell (who had been Editor of M-U-M for 30 years and Larry White (his Magic Editor of 12 years).

Their first press release about the magazine included - "We hope to follow in the tradition of Bascom Jones' Magick, Tony Raven's Invocation and Maskeyne ye Mage and Docc Hilford's New Invocation, Ted Annemann's Jinx, Bill Madsen's New Jinx, and Mary Tomich's Altar Flame. Those periodicals were successful, in large part, because of the quality of material submitted by some of the best minds in magic. That is our goal too."

They certainly achieved this goal and many are sad that the magazine had to come to an end. 


David Goodsell released a CD containing all the Oracle issues, the web pages and a special tribute issue to Larry White (this alone is of 87 pages). Plus three of the pdf books which Oracle subscribers could download. This is now only available as a pdf download from

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