Many of these are now highly collectable and you should look out for second-hand copies but as many were published in limited numbers they can now be considered as rare. Also note, all books published by Leaping Lizards are now unavailable owing to the publisher having ceased all trading.


Books by Brother Shadow:-

 Some Shadowy Paths and Byways.

The Art Of Storytelling Magic.

Have Séance Will Travel.

The Papers Of Gautama Siddharta.

The Maximum Opus.

The Empress.

Bringing The Wonder of Magic to Children.


Books by Ed Solomon:-

Egyptian Magic,
Presentations for the Storyteller.

Strange Offerings,
Presentations for the Storyteller.

Sound FX
Presentations for the Storyteller.

Something Strange Within.
Presentations for the Storyteller.

Ed Solomon's books on CD Rom, CD or Floppy Disk

The Backdoor Key Of Solomon,
A book on CD Rom (like a website)

Magick By The Seat Of Your Pants.
A book as a PDF file on a floppy disk

Tales Worth Telling.
A book as a PDF file on a floppy disk.

The Mission Of The Mage.
A book as a PDF file on a floppy disk.

The Leath Technique. 
An Invaluable Course For Private 'Readers' by David Lees.

The Lizzie Borden Séance, A Portfolio of How We Did It.
by  Bruce Kalver


The Shiels Effect & An Evening With Doc Shiels.
Published by Quentin Reynold's

Books by Leslie Melville:-

KISMET or "The Enchanted Stepping Stones"

The Definitive Book of Storytelling Magic! Also includes KISMET.

"Magictales Two"

"Magictales" - The Collectors Edition
Both Magictales books in one large hard bound volume

Books by Ronald J. Dayton a.k.a. KOTAH:-


 Darker Light      By Darkness Influenced

"Brainstorm In My Pajamas"

'Hung On Ropes'  DVD

If you know of others published  2001 to 2014 that should go on this list please contact us.


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