Winks Diary by Bill Thompson. A brilliantly simple and easy version of the diary prediction magic trick

Wink's Diary by Bill Thompson.

Welcome to Bill Thompson's Winks Diary. Join you hosts Peter Nardi and Martin Sanderson as they take a detailed look into this intriguing piece of magic.

This is the easiest and simplest version of the classic Card Diary Trick to be released and everything has been thoroughly worked out by Bill Thompson of The House Of Secrets.

Contents include:

Two different versions performed by both Peter & Martin to real people in real situations! Peter Nardi's mindreading routine that uses NO playing cards. Direct and to the point...A REAL MINDBLOWER! The Bill Thompson routine, as performed by Martin Sanderson using a deck from which a card is freely selected with no force. BRILLIANT!

Hints and tips from Peter and Martin including Peter's destination prediction, which takes the effect to a whole new level.

Get ready for the easiest and most direct Card Diary to date - Bill Thompson's Winks Diary.

·        Use a regular diary! [ You supply this and only one diary is used ]
No multiple outs!
No stacked decks!
No forces.
·     In fact don't use a deck at all! [ This is a terrific presentation ]

DVD running time: Approximately 29min

Price... £14.99

Available from Alakazam Magic

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[ Note. So why is it called Wink's Diary you may ask? It's named after the singer Wink Martindale, who released his recording of  'The Deck of Cards' in 1959 which was a bigger hit than previous releases by other artists. If you want to read the record transcript and a little history of the story, you can download a PDF file from this site by clicking HERE. ]

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