The Voodoo Box set for those performing Bizarre Magic.Another item from Michael Diamonds "D'Arque Magique" range.

Here is another unique amd very limited edition item from Michael Diamond's "D'ARQUE MAGIQUE" range. Only eleven sets left!

The VOODOO BOX is a lovely hand made box containing many strange items. Although there are many effects possible with the contents of the box, none of the items are gimmicked in any way that can be detected.

When open, spectators see a wonderful display. You can spend time taking each item out and allowing your spectator to handle the item while you tell them all about it's use in Voodoo practices!


Voodoo Doll or Poppet,
Black Headed Voodoo Pin,
Scroll detailing a genuine Voodoo Spell,
Genuine Coffin Nails,
1930's bottle of Genuine Cemetery Dirt,
JU-JU Pendant.

There are specific uses and or effects provided for all the items and with the acquisition of a few other, easy to find items, this box could become a complete Voodoo/Bizarre act!

This is a limited Edition set of only 12 (11 available).

PRICE...£40 plus postage.

To order or find out more, email Michael Diamond directly by clicking HERE.

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