Table Lifting is a classic effect for the professional performer of Bizarre Magick and Séance Performance.

Michael Diamond's

Table Lifting Set.

With this set of gimmicks you can perform the classic effect, used for entertainment or as an impressive, spine-chilling spiritualistic stunt.

Members of the audience lightly rest their hands on top of a table - suddenly the table begins to move up and about in a truly uncanny fashion that seems to defy explanation, other than that supernatural means are involved.

This is an item that audiences remember and talk about. Past President of the Magic Circle, David Berglas is still well remembered for featuring this effect on television in the 70's. It's a great publicity stunt and rarely performed these days.

The table lifting set comprises of THREE matching gimmicks enabling a large table to be lifted and for the performance to be similar to that done by David Berglas.

These gimmicks are made for professional use by a professional. They are superior in every way to those previously on the market. They don't just look sturdy.......THEY ARE!

PRICE: £175 plus P+P

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