Michael Diamond's Book of Shadows II. Stories, methods and routines for performers of bizarre magick.

Michael Diamond's Book Of Shadows II

Here is Michael Diamond's second volume of bizarre magic and it was worth the wait, four years in fact since he released his volume one. This new book contains quite an eclectic set of ideas, ranging from close-up, to platform and Séance effects but all of the effects have been used in Michael's 'Midnight Shows'.

The books' fourty four pages contain everything you need to know to perform Michael's routines.  Professional drawings are used wherever needed and Michael's close attention to detail is very fine indeed.

The reader and performer will enjoy:-

Hoodoo Voodoo. A Voodoo Doll routine especially suited for platform or stage. Michael has been selling this effect and props for the last four years (details in the 'Products' area of this site). Lots of audience participation.

The Faces of Death. When Michael performed this grim effect during the 2005 Edinburgh Gathering, everyone jumped with shock at the crucial point. A wonderful effect for close proximity audience.

The Oracle. The Oracle in question is a skull "once owned by the famous Devonshire Witch - Elizabeth Cross, who used to call it Old Hob". This really IS 'a card effect with a difference'.

The Philosopher's Stone. A lovely visual effect which Michael performs when he is doing 'walkabout' in his Wizard character - Damien D'arque. Easily re-set for such performances.

Jack's Back! Jack being 'Jack the Ripper' and this unusual effect centers around all the suspects of that time rather than the victims.

13 After Midnight. This is really a collection of material and effects which were used by Michael in a 'Midnight Séance' during his 'Ghost Weekends' in an old Coaching Inn, supposedly haunted by an old bad tempered woman.

If you are looking for something different, you are bound to find it in this book.

PRICE...£20 plus postage
Volume One (reprint) & Volume II for £35 plus postage

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