The Shadow Hour.

Devised and hosted by Chris Walden.

The Dragonskull Pub, the home of Dragonskull Radio

Welcome to the Dragonskull Pub, a place where practitioners of Bizarre Magic gather, if they can find the way in. It's a world devoted to this most unusual art form that combines the skill of the magician with the charisma of the storyteller and the detail of the artisan. You'll enjoy discussions about the world of Bizarre Magic, interviews with performers, product reviews.

This was a monthly radio show devised and hosted by Chris Walden, along with his other live broadcasts of The Shadow Hour, a weekly program for those interested in Paranormal topics. 

He started Dragonskull Radio in 2011 with a view to it being a regular feature show but then time and technology constraints made it difficult for this live broadcast to continue so only eight programs were broadcast. However, it may well return in the future and possibly in a different format. 

In the meantime you can still listen to past itemised programs and even download them from our affiliated site run by Chris Walden by clicking HERE.  

If You Are Interested In Paranormal Topics,
then visit our page for The Shadow Hour archive,
just click HERE.

 The Shadow Hour, a weekly radio broadcast devised and hosted by Chris Walden.


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