I was sitting alone here and heard a rapping sound coming from upstairs. Thinking that a window or shutter was loose, I started up the stairs to sort it. I searched all the rooms but could not find anything being blown about by the howling wind outside.

Still I heard  

The sound now seemed to be coming from the attic, 

I moved onto the stairs leading to the attic and heard again, as though the sound was guiding me.

Slowly and anxious, I went up the stairs and into the dark attic,

Sure enough, the rapping was coming from the attic. Now frightened, I went further up,

Finally I reached the uppermost area of the attic and went inside.

It's dark and dusty and ,was coming from over in one corner.

I walked, very slowly, toward a big wooden box, , the raps were coming from the box!

With sweat pouring down, I opened the box slowly,

Looking inside, I saw......





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