psycho chopper is an illusion with a surprise and gory climax, invented by Michael Diamond in the U.K.

Michael Diamond's


A wooden, medieval looking frame is shown, and hinged open to reveal that it contains a large scary looking blade. This blade is removed from the stock and shown freely around, and proved to be solid steel.

The blade is replaced into the frame and the front is done back up again; the small circular flap is lifted as the blade is raised, and a carrot is put through the center hole, the flap is lowered and the blade is thrust downwards, slicing the carrot in two.

The blade is raised again and the performer puts his arm through the center hole (or he can use his assistant's arm or even the arm of a spectator - no stooges!).

He then tells the audience that he will make the blade penetrate completely through his arm. He thrusts the blade down a second time BUT this time something seems to have gone wrong - the blade is stuck halfway!

The cabinet then comes to pieces to reveal a very bloody sight - the blade is embedded halfway into the magician's arm!!

The blade can be "sawn" further into the arm and can be shown on both sides!

The blade is then removed, the blood wiped away and the arm is shown to be completely unharmed.


Michael performed this effect at the 2003 Edinburgh Gathering and the climax took everyone in the know by surprise. The price below includes it's own wooden carry case.

SUPERDEAL PRICE: £250 + Postage and Packing

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