A Grimoire of Poetry at Dragonskull Magick


An ever growing collection of verse, limericks and prose. If you have an original writing for these pages, please email us. 


 The Writings Of Kotah.
An ongoing collection of his works.

The Gathering by David Lees.

This was written to commemorate the very first Gathering in Edinburgh. The event took place in The White Horse Bar, Canongate, Edinburgh, September 19th 1998.


The Vampire by David Lees.

This was written as a dedication to Charles W. Cameron, David's good friend and mentor. It's a long composition and requires a lot of scrolling down.

Ode To Texas.

Author unknown but a new ending provided by Ed Solomon, a resident of Texas. 

Cracked Pots.
A short story by an unknown author.

Rainbow Bridge.

This emotional writing is for dog lovers only, author unknown. [This page contains a visible background sound player, but you can pause or mute the sound if you wish]


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