MacKenzie & The Devil by Michael Diamond. Only a limited number of this bizarre magic item available.

This is a brand new release from Michael Diamond, something quite different and collectable. Basically it's a slim manuscript that comes with a pouch containing 5 Sacramental Tokens.

The manuscript contains ideas for using the Tokens instead of coins for tricks BUT then Michael gives the reader his presentation for the Gypsy Curse routine
by Peter Kane.

But that's not all. The manuscript gives details about MacKensie, a gambler who died in 1868 and has haunted the graveyard of St. Andrews Church, Rodney Street, Liverpool (which was built in 1824) ever since with sightings well documented since 1870. THIS IS FACT! In a bid to cheat the devil from getting his soul, MacKensie requested that when he die, he should be entombed in a Pyramid above ground, sat at a table holding a winning poker in his hand. THIS IS FACT.

There are two colour photographs of the church in the manuscript, one showing what it looked like when it was consecrated in 1824 and how it looks as a ruin today....which also shows the pyramid tomb of Mackensie. There is also a brief history of the church given. THIS IS FACT.

Next the reader is given an in depth history of Sacramental Tokens and their use. The tokens that are supplied are the original tokens from the haunted church of St. Andrews, Rodney Street, Liverpool and were minted in 1824....the year the church opened. The tokens are genuine and were found in a box within the ruins. They are as near to mint condition as possible as you will see in the picture below. THIS IS FACT. [collectors on Ebay are paying in the region of £10 each for similar tokens]

Finally the reader is given a list of ideas on their use and then the
presentation for the Gypsy Curse routine, which includes the use of the tokens and the supplied photographs.

Because of the rarity of the tokens, only eight sets remain and once they have gone, they really have gone for good.

PRICE.....£25 plus postage.

To make an enquiry or order, you should contact Michael directly by clicking HERE.

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