Earthenware Lota Pots by Martin Duffy

Produced by Martin Duffy (in the U.K.), these Lota Pots are similar to those sold by  Mary Tomich a number of years ago and are every bit as good to hold and use. Christian Chelman had this to say, "I received today my clay Lota Pot produced by Martin Duffy in England. In the tradition of Mary Tomich's long missed lota, it's exquisite and I heartily recommend it for those who are missing MT's pots."

These Lota Pots are not rip off copies of those sold by Mary Tomich of the Thaumysta Magic Company, Martin got Mary's agreement (who no longer sells such items) before he searched out a potter who could make them to the exacting standards required. Every one is tested before shipment to ensure there are no flaws.

Two wonderful routines are also supplied with each pot as with the Thaumysta set. Yes, you get Mary's Native American routine AND Christain Chelman has given Martin permission to include his routine, 'The Dream Jar' (as described in his book, Hauntiques).

Each Lota Pot is an individual, no two are alike, they are 8.5 to 11.5 cm tall, below are some typical examples.




Price; £65 plus P & P.

For further details and how to order, you can contact Martin Duffy direct by clicking HERE.

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