Locked Book.



This is a quality item with devilish thinking behind it from the fertile mind of Michael Diamond. 



The Mage shows his Grimoire of Magick to the audience, it is a large thick black book, bound in wood and leather. At the side of the tome, there is a brass chain and padlock sealing the Mage's secrets contained in the pages from prying eyes.

The Mage tells the spectators that the volume is also sealed with a protection spell, thus ensuring that the only one that can open the book is the Mage himself.

To prove this, five keys are shown. The Mage shows that only one of the five keys fits the lock on the side of the book. All five keys are then laid on the book and mixed. Four spectators get free choices of one key each, leaving one for the Mage.

Three of the four spectators try their keys in the lock - they do not open it! The last spectator is given the chance to swap his key with the Mage's, whether he does or not makes no difference as the last key left on the book, the Mage's key, ALWAYS opens the lock! The protective spell has worked!!


This IS a brand new and original method for this effect which does not rely on any special locks that can go wrong (no 'forces' either). The cleverly gimmicked and beautifully made book does all the hard work for you! If wished, you can gimmick the book further to allow for a second, follow up effect to the same audience (not many will want to do this but if you do, the option is there).

The book cover, back and spine are made in wood with brown leather used for hinges and it measures:- twelve inches high by 10 and three quarters inches wide by 1 and one quarter inches thick (H12" X 103/4" wide X 1 1/4" thick).

The pages inside the book are blank as each individual will want to customize these to their own liking with paste downs of 'aged' clip art and words or even hand drawn symbols. However, included in the instructions are details on how you could use this one prop as the basis for a complete Bizarre Magic act, without carrying anything else with you but the book!!

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This IS a quality Limited Edition  item, only a few remain now and no more will be made.

PRICE.... £55 PLUS P & P

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