The Lebanon Circle Magic Co. Purveyor of Strange and Unique Magic, London's finest Illusion Ingenieur, creator of  'From Hell' and the 'Swami Spirit Altar' (and much more).


Deceptions Unlimited. A place where magic is taken very seriously. Many areas to visit here.



Diamond's Magic. We all buy from a general magic dealer at some time and this is one of those you should look at. There is discounted Flora stuff and also excellent prices throughout.




The Inner Circle Of Bizarre Magick.  This site is run by Joe Cabral, The Grand Magus and Founder Member of the ICBM. Here you will learn much about this elite group of well known and liked performers, also of their events past and yet to come.





Magic Week. Weekly news of everything concerning magic & magicians happening in the U.K. The site contains many different listings including future events and links to some of the top magic dealer's. Site updated every Saturday and well worth a visit.


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