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The relatively new Lebanon Circle Magick Co is based in London and has been selling quietly over the last couple of years and is a place you should visit (link address given later). The company specializes in Strange and Unique Magic, all individually hand crafted to order and words or pictures cannot do full justice to the actual end results. Nothing is mass produced and held in stock and because of this, some items can even be custom made to an individuals requirements. Prices range from around $40 (£20) to several hundreds but you ARE getting value for your money. Some purchasers from this company have been so thrilled with what they have received that they have purposely not spread the word about the Lebanon Circle Magic Co, preferring to keep it's existence a secret........that secret is now out!!

Dan Baines (the proprietor) is the Lebanon Circle Magic Co., doing everything himself, from the first thinking out stages through to posting off the final product to customers who are more than satisfied with their purchase.

Dan, has entered the world of bizarre and Séance magic from a different angle to most and has both the skills and labour of love to produce exciting new effects and wonderfully crafted props for those performers.

Most of the Lebanon Circle Magic effects are limited editions because all are very time consuming to make and as new items are added, some of the old best sellers have to be withdrawn to provide the time needed. Although this will disappoint some people, look at the benefits:- purchasers have something unique and the envy of other performers AND Dan has the time to provide us with new miracles destined to be best exclusive sellers.

In 2006, his range consisted of:-

FROM HELL, (a terrific update to a classic effect at a bargain price)

THE BOOK OF REVALATIONS, (Tarot version is now discontinued)

GHOST IN THE MACHINE, (discontinued in 2007)

OUIJA ELECTRIC, (discontinued in 2007)

THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST. (discontinued in 2007)

All the discontinued items make way for two stunning new ones, just click on the links below to know more:- 




Add to your 'Favourites' as it could be a place you want to continue visiting.

This page will be updated from time to time with further descriptions, reviews and photographs so keep checking it out.


[Lebanon Circle is a area within London's famous Highgate Cemetery, so named because of a circle of Mausoleums surrounding a Lebanon Tree]


All graphics on this page are the copyright of the Lebanon Circle Magic Co. and Dan Baines and are used by his kind permission.

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