Plain looking Jap.Boxes for magician's made by Guy Barrett.

Jap. Boxes

Made by Guy Barrett

Ever since magician's have witnessed Leslie Melville's performance of the repeat banknote effect - 'And Another, And Another, And Another', he has been asked where a plain and old looking Jap Box (as pictured above and the essential appearance for this particular routine) could be bought. Such a plain but good quality Jap Box does not seem to have been generally available until now.

Guy Barrett (pro performer, illusionist and builder of props and illusions) is now making and selling Jap Boxes as near as possible to Leslie's own original (which was made specially for him by the well known and respected yesteryear prop maker 'Marko').

He can make and supply a more glitzy version if you want BUT for Leslie Melville's performance piece it HAS to look plain and old. [Jap Boxes shouldn't look like a prop anyway]

Although Leslie usually has a few for sale at his lectures, you can now buy direct from Guy Barrett BUT please mention that it's the Jap Box style as used by Leslie Melville as seen on the Dragonskull website. That way you won't get a glitzy version.


£60 inc p&p for Britain 
 $125 inc p&p to U.S.A.
Other Countries, price on application.

Note. P&P based on September 2009 shipping rates, any changes will affect prices. 

To make an enquiry, order or purchase direct from Guy Barrett, click HERE.

The full story and routine for Leslie's presentation will be included in his forthcoming book- 'Magictales Two' but you can buy it separately for a modest price by emailing him HERE.

Note. The Jap Box is so called because they were originally made in tin  (mainly in Germany) which was then japanned [a type of lacquering/coating process to produce a hardwearing black coating] producing a glossy black finish similar in appearance to lacquered wood. The word Jap was used long before the second world war as an abbreviation to the Japanned or Japanning process and is a respected term still used today to describe the process. 

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