Hoodoo Voodoo.

'Hoodoo Voodoo?' is supplied with wonderful props and is a brilliant effect from the fertile mind of Michael Diamond. 


The performer displays a genuine Haitian Voodoo Doll, complete with a menacing looking needle. He tells his audience a little about the history and uses of Voodoo and eventually proposes a test of the doll's authenticity.

Two willing (?) volunteers are chosen to join the performer, one is to be the witch doctor and the other is to be the victim!! Before he can argue, the performer chops a chunk of hair from the victim's head with a knife!

This hair is inserted into the back of the doll, which now represents the volunteer! To protect the victim from any danger, a protective talisman is hung, in a clip, around the victim's neck.

The performer thinks that he knows in advance which part of the body the 'witchdoctor' will attack and had placed an appropriate talisman of protection in the clip. If his prediction proves to be correct, the victim will survive, if not, then.....?

The 'witchdoctor' is now given a free choice of which part of the doll to drive the needle into; he drives it, say, in the heart!!!

The volunteer gives out a loud scream - but seems to be okay! The parchment talisman is removed from the clip and is opened to reveal that the performer correctly predicted which part of the doll the 'witchdoctor' would stab as the parchment reads - The Heart!


There are NO forces employed and the whole routine is easy to perform. For once, here you have a Voodoo style routine that comes with a doll big enough to be seen in a cabaret or stage presentation as well as being acceptable for close-up. The dolls are genuinely Haitian and feature an integral  pocket in the back for putting hair and nail clippings in. You get everything you need to perform this effect, which includes a pouch to hold everything in.

When you order, you have a choice of either a White or Black Doll (white being more visible). If you want an additional doll in an opposite color, these can be ordered at the same time.

To see a photo CLICK HERE.

PRICE... £25 plus P & P
EXTRA DOLL...£12 (only available to purchasers of the effect)


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