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The Cauldron-Special Edition.

During 1998/9, Karl Bartoni was working from the original copies of  The Cauldron, written and published by Charles w. Cameron. The originals are already highly prized as collectable items and Karl brought  them up to modern standards for members of The Magik Club (whom Charles was the Patron of until his death), who received the reprints free as part of their membership. During this time, he and Charles also worked towards a bound collective Special Edition to be published.

This bound edition would contain all the original material plus the previously unpublished material. You see, the original Cauldron did not run it's full anticipated course but Charles did have it all written up for publication. This can now be done in the Special Edition.

Whilst working on this project, many well known names in card magic offered to send in 'tribute' effects which could be included, they kept their promises and the material will also be included. Although the effects are not of a bizarre nature, they can be altered.

Since the demise of Charles, it has now been decided to expand the publication to include more about Charles along with a section dedicated to his Castle Dracula show.

Brother Shadow has agreed to do a lot on this project now and he has the experience of already having published a soft back annotated version of the original Cauldron many years ago.

The hard bound A4 book will be a limited edition (possibly only 210 copies,). 

Everyone will have a fair opportunity to pre order this publication and pay a small deposit to secure this for their personal pleasure and collection.

It is hoped that a proportion of the income derived can go towards a memorial plaque to Charles being erected in Edinburgh.

Keep watching this space for updated information.



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