The Guardian of the Dragonskull website.

Lurking in the shadows,
Although you were not aware,
Lies the mighty Guardian,
The protector of his lair.

His presence has been a secret,
Known to the chosen few,
And now this secret knowledge,
I also share with you.

He haunts the distant catacombs,
And casts a  fearsome eye,
On the tunnels within Dragonskull,
For the foolish to pass by.

 You can sense its evil presence,
As you walk along the way,
So treat this site with respect,
Or you shall become its prey.

And so the mighty Guardian,
 protects this hallowed ground,
From the minds of the merely curious,
Whose bodies are strewn around.

The identity of many a mage,
Has been displayed for ever more,
From the student to the adept,
Charles Cameron, master of our Lore.

And so the Guardian protects,
Our memories and our friends,
who guide us along this path,
Till we reach our journeys end.

And so I bid you welcome,
To our happy little lot,
To share the world of Bizarre,
A craft we hope you adopt.

But for now the mystery is calling,
The Guardian must retire,
But call again to Dragonskull,
To laugh, enjoy and admire.

David Lees, 2002.


You have now traveled deep into the bowels of Dragonskull and are about to meet The Guardian  When you click on the link, you will descend further into the darkness.  Now please prepare yourself to view him in Full Screen (essential) and then  CLICK HERE.

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