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The Double Deceptions of
Harry E. Burnside & Charles W. Cameron.


This book contains 44 pages of text which includes previously unpublished material of mentalism (plus one early mild bizarre effect). The material is based on the days when Charles and Harry had their own two person act of mainly mentalism which they devised and performed together in the late 1940's to the early sixties.

They were lifelong friends and Charles was working with Bill Thompson and Karl Bartoni on the original manuscript with a view to it being included in a special edition of The Cauldron (Charles pamphlet publication of the sixties, the special edition being a collection of all these in one volume) as the thought of possible publication was helping to boost the morale of the then very ill Harry. During this work, Charles died and it was not long after that when Harry also died. As the special edition Cauldron is still some way off, it would be more appropriate to now publish this material (and the history of these great guy's) separately. The book also contains photographs of Harry and Charles as young men, and when they met up for the last time.

All profits from this comb bound volume will go towards the cost of the Memorial Plaque being erected as a tribute to Charles W. Cameron in Edinburgh.

This is a limited edition of only 75 numbered copies but there are only 15 copies left. People who order a copy, will have their name printed on the 'fly' sheet and Alex Wallace ( Charles' partner in his later years) will sign it. 

PRICE.....£18.50 plus postage.

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Comments just coming in......

Joseph G. Herzer (U.S.A.)."Hi the book got here and what a great book.  I'm glad I got a copy and I will treasure the book for years to come."

Jim Klodzen (U.S.A.). "I received my book this weekend!...excellent!!

Peter Arcane (Scotland). "I discovered Charles W Cameron too late. Too late in the fact that I only met him twice maybe three times... And out of those I only talked to him once!! So when I read 'Mind Your Magic', I cursed myself for not speaking up. There and then I made a pact to never do that again. I also made myself a deal to read everything I could by Charles and the many others who were well versed and published from the Edinburgh Magic Circle. But it was and still is Charles that makes me laugh. You see his thinking and methods are just so cheeky.... But lets not forget the quiet one Harry Burnside. You see just like in any good double act, its the quiet one who can be even sneakier than that other one!!

So when Double Deception arrived on my doorstep I knew that within those pages would be something that was going to make me chuckle. And chuckle I did..... These guys are a hoot! From the very first effect you know that this stuff isn't the kind of pipedreams. This is do-able, use-able stuff, and I'm not talking about just from a double act point of view. The thinking behind each effect is the kind that will make you think. And in my book that's good.... But the methods, and it is Charles & Harry's methods that you have to chuckle at, are the icing on the cake. Even today I think they'd be able to fool the fraternity. And I plan to prove it.....

If you like lateral thinking and the cheekiest of methods plus a good strong thought out presentation - this is the book that'll do that dirty deed.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Harry and Charles, I raise my glass...."

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