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This will be an abbreviated lesson today as it is but a continuation of the work we started on with the Punx material.  I have made my thoughts known about the value of owning the Punx books. The presentation value supersedes the actual magic in most cases. The craft of the master storyteller is where the line is crossed.

The second of the Fairy Tales that caught my eye was the one about the Four Wishes. It is a compelling story and is so well crafted that little could or should be done to try to enhance it.
When I added it to my performance study I could not in all good faith, present it with playing cards for after all, as many will attest, Solomon doesn't do cards.

I chose to do this story using cards form the Aquarian Deck of Tarot cards. This is a beautifully done pack of cards with pastel colors and gentle themes. Using stick on vinyl letters I labeled four cards LOVE, WEALTH, HONOR and FAME. I then went to the copy shop and using the color copier made exact copies of these four cards. Spray adhesive allowed me to create my own double faced cards and the rest is history. The color copier is a great tool. You can change the back colors to just about anything you might want  and blow up the faces and /or backs to giant sizes to make the props you need. The rub on letters are pretty good for some things but hard to position. The vinyl self adhesive letters are more practical even if they do add thickness to your work.

The Punx story is suitable for most any setting and the Tarot deck adds to the mystery as far as I am concerned.

Here are some pictures of the cards.

Punx layout.


Solomon's cards.


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