Karl Bartoni talks about Charles W .Cameron.


Although knowing of Charles through his many books published by the ‘Supreme Magic Co., I regret not having met him in person until only a few years ago. I missed out on not seeing him as ‘Dracula’ and meeting his close friend, Tony Anduzzi.

It was only when I retired as an escapologist, that I seriously moved towards the art of  bizarre magic and started to catch up with all the books I had accumulated over the years. So much of this wonderous reading was penned by Charles and I did hope that one day we would meet up. This eventually happened at the first Blackpool Convocation in 1998, mainly organised by myself. and it was an honour  that Charles agreed to be our guest. Charles arrived early at the hotel venue whilst I was the only one there and within minutes we were chatting as though we had known each other for years. He’s that sort of person with no ‘side’ or inflated ego to him.

As a result of that first meeting, we now frequently talk on the phone and meet up in Edinburgh and he is like a Godfather to me and not just the one of  Bizarre Magik. His kindness, generosity, hospitality and friendship go way beyond the boundaries of  the Scottish reputation for superb hospitality.

I thought he was one of a kind until I first visited him in Edinburgh, it was then I found that his partner, Alex (also known as the Queen of Hearts), was his equal for kindness and everything else. These people are out of this world and they both also now do so much for the members of the Magik Club and those who attend the Edinburgh Gathering.

One of the many delights on my visits to their home is Charles allowing me to look and read through the many artefacts and books in his extensive collection, including all the books written by Tom palmer, Tony Andruzzi and Maskelyn Ye Mage, as well as watching him perform the odd miracle. Another delight is the convivial drinking of whiskey and the superb meals dished up by Alex whilst Charles recounts some wonderful anecdotes. Like a recent time he tried his hand at escapology…..what a performance.

Like so many others, I am proud to have him as my friend but honoured that he considers me to be one of his.

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