Bizarre Lecture8 Shadow.

I am a storyteller, not a magician. I use magic methods to punctuate my stories. My rules for the stories I tell are, it must touch the audience, their emotions (heart) , it must hold their
interest even without any magic, and it must teach, or have a moral, just like any good fairy tale. For the most part the stories have to do with my philosophy of life, they are ME! The stories are about things I feel very strongly about.I am not omnipotent but what I do is not too unlike Jesus teaching with parables. I feel very good about myself when I know I have touched them and perhaps given them something to think about.

Of course I would never be able to reach anyone if the shows didn't also entertain.

Just so you don't think I am some sort of religious fanatic, if anything I am a Pagan. One of my favorite effects is Punx's "The Heart of Glass" and what it says about greed. I always enjoy doing it and am gratified when I get letters from audience members telling me how touched they were at my story.

Of course there is mystery, but it isn't just a puzzle or a trick......IT IS MAGIC!!!! both in their minds and my own.

I truly enjoy bringing my audience back to their early childhood when they believed anything was possible, when they believed in MAGIC. If they leave my performance wondering how that trick was done, I've failed. If, however, they leave feeling a sense of wonderment, if they were touched and perhaps even given a new outlook I have succeeded.

So Mote It Be
Brother Shadow.

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