Bizarre Lecture7 Allen.

For me, it is a way to put all my skills of sleight of hand and magical entertaining together with all the knowledge of occult subjects gathered over the years, to produce some stunning and thought provoking effects.

Bizarre Magic provides you, the performer, a chance to put wonder and mystery back into magical entertaining. To create the mystery of the old mage, the Merlin of the past and deal with what your audience would perceive as real magic, not just tricks and illusions but the real thing. All of this should leave your audience with the feeling that real magic does exist and they have just seen it.

As a storyteller, I am able to cover a multitude of magic effects without the problem of changing character because I am merely telling a tale of other characters. I can do spiritualist effects and seances based on an aunt of mine, Lydia Gray who was in her day a devout spiritualist. I can do gambling effects by talking about a medieval mountebank by the name of Odberry. We can also do stories of witchcraft, devils and demons and the eternal battle twix good and evil. For good measure, we can tell of stories of the devil himself and all his works.

The scope is only limited by our imaginations, so free yours and be not just another magical entertainer but a worker of wondrous miracles.


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