Bizarre Lecture6 Poinc. Extracts from his "Souls Not Sold" lecture.

 Extracts From Eugene's Main Lecture elsewhere on this site.

"Put ten Bizarre Magicians together, and more than likely you will hear ten opinions of what constitutes Bizarre Magick.  Highly subjective.  However, all will agree it's storytelling."

"The majority of magicians and lay people, have a misconception of the word bizarre.  They equate it with soul selling, demons, witches, ghosties and ghasties and things that go bump in the night other than ones lover.  Compounding the problem, contributing to the onus on the word are some of the bizarre performers who are never offstage.  They ever play the 'mysterious' role, dress the part:  all in black, wearing silver pentagrams, skull rings, all the 'weird' stage trappings that should have been left backstage after the performance."

"Bizarre Magick is substantive storytelling magic, illustrated with one or more effects, the intent of which is to make a specific meaningful point by awakening a disquieting, at times perhaps even fearful, emotion in the participant to punctuate the message being imparted.  In other words -- you're far more apt to remember what makes you uncomfortable, uneasy or frightened than you are
something that simply makes you pleasantly entertained. However, that said, the Prime Directive of Magic is that it must entertain;  even in Bizarre Magick that strives to be thought provoking -- it must also entertain."

Eugene Poinc.

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