Bizarre Lecture3 Dardik.

One point of confusion for many is the term Bizarre Magic. Bizarre magic in general as been around as long as magic. Geek magic and strange and weird magic and performances can all be considered bizarre magic. This is not what is meant by Bizarre Magick. Bizarre Magick was a movement that grew and  promoted a change in the direction magic had been heading. It promoted that strong storytelling combined with magic made for greater entertainment and impact. It also promoted a return to concepts and stories of old. This might include a medieval sorcerer, genies,
demons, witches and more. It is not limited to these old world magic stereotypes but only promotes them. This was all an effort to get away from Vegas style box magic and watch this trick type of magic.

This movement realized itself as a movement in the 1970s led by such figures as Charles Cameron , Tony Sheils, Tony Raven and finally Tony Andruzzi. The bibles of the movement eventually became the publications 'The Invocation' followed by 'The New Invocation' and to a lessor degree Bascom Jone's 'Magick' which was more mentalism based. These publications sometimes paid homage to bizarre people and publications of long ago-
such as Anneman, Stewart James and other old time bizarre style performers.

After the deaths of both Andruzzi and Jones the movement seemed to drift more into the background as far as being in the magic news. The movement never disappeared and is still going strong and has been getting strong play again in some of the magic magazines. MUM the magazine of the SAM organization in particular has been a supporter of the movement also somewhat regular articles appear in Magic and Genii magazine. A reprint book of Andruzzi's rare books is planned which keeps getting delayed but will probably go to press in 2002 or 2003. Invocation was just reprinted about a year or so ago but is already difficult to find again.

May the Spirits be with you -
Stefan Dardik


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