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In my review of what has been shared by others within this fellowship of shadows I find that most all that can be said on the issue, has been.

Bizarre or Haunted  Magick as my friend Rick Maue (Incubus) would call it, is very much Theater just as it is akin to the art of ritual and the psychology thereof. Though it is oft times steeped in the airs of darkened humor, it is a mode of Magickle exhibition unlike any other; subtle, simple and yet potentially the most difficult mode of presentation the artist will ever come to know - our inner perfectionist driving us onward, forever forward, that our delivery and the 'aura' of what we do may prove transformative and beyond the auspices a jesters antics.

To present the bizarre does not require one to wear black clothing and peculiar make-up. Nor does it mean that any effect in which blood is drawn or supposed spirits invoked, exists as part of said field. Like the sub culture of Goth society, it is not the dress or patter that makes it so, but the attitude imbued as part and parcel of what we do. Thus, it is not the way for some to travel. For few have it within their nature to present such frolics in an appropriate and meaningful way… a way that transcends barriers of common consciousness and thought, delivering unto the patron a mode of magick that is Cerebral in its nature, spiritual in its context, and experiential through its final resolve.

It in the performance of bizarre magick that we find the closest living examples of the nearly forgotten Wizards of ancient lore. I do not refer to the ideas woven in those composition dealing with esoteric science and fable ridden tales that sustain the delusional. Rather, the true Wise-ards of the past who knew the difference between illusion and truth; the realists that understood the power of science and words and wonderment and how to bring into our mundane real an elusive mystery known to us now as MAGICK.

Sure, there are Occult inferences and symbols used in what we do. This does not make us or what we do evil. Ours is not a path in which bliss is obtained via ignorance but rather through attainment of knowledge and the expansion thereof. If this is wrong,  if this is Evil, then I gladly sell my soul to Satan himself that I might know life and live; Live for the privilege to learn more of the greatness God and omnipotence as well as discovery and understanding of this IS in its many forms and modes of manifestation.

Am I a fool to believe or perceive things in such a way?

No. I am but a magician doing what is natural to my kind; trudging that road of great destiny so many seem to step away from as the result of an ignorance embraced and the supposed bliss it kindles within a mind closed to hope, dreams and belief in the real.

Thus, in answer to this question What Is Bizarre Magick.

I must say that it is the theater of life transformed by the storyteller so as to invoke from our patrons the fullness of wonder - the amazement they have forgotten and allowed to reside in childhood memories and the lost recesses of personal imagination.

Enjoy the journey!

Craig Browning.


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