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             June 23th. 2001. *
"Congratulations Karl. I found your site worthy of receiving the DoubleBite Graphix & Web Design Award in recognition of the work involved in making it such an intriguing (some parts even awesome) Web Site".


             June 23rd. 2001.
"We are aware of the time and effort that goes into creating a successful web presentation and I thank you for inviting me to your fine website. Your website was reviewed by me and it gives me great pleasure to present you with my Choice Award! Congratulations on your achievements- Rhonda". Rated 3.5 by Awardsites.


         June 24th. 2001. *
My review of your site made it easy for me to award the Gold Crown Award. You have obviously put a lot of thought and work into the design and in maintaining your pages. A link to your site has been added to the top of our 'Gold Crown Award' recipients. The Gold Crown is only presented to sites that contain NO pornography, racial slurs, foul language and generally have a good content and design for ALL family members to enjoy. Congratulations from Senior Constable Roland Haley (retired), Ontario Provincial Police


           June 26th. 2001. *
Hi Karl. It is with great pleasure that I give you the Magical Site Award. You have a wonderful website and certainly deserve the award. Kindest regards,Val.

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