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About this website.

Part One.
Some pages can only be viewed if  browsers have Java Scripts 'Enabled' but we are working on alternatives for those who do not have the Java console installed or 'enabled'. Also 'Flash' needs to be installed.

From May 2017, this website has had to undergo some major changes so if you visited the site before May 30th., you may need to click 'refresh' in your browser when you revisit a particular page.

This is an Internet Explorer (IE) website meaning that some pages only work correctly in Internet Explorer browsers.  Some page effects do not work at all if you use other browsers such as Firefox etc.. We have identified those specific IE pages for you by including this icon (or a variation of it) on the relevant page as time permits us to do so.



Part Two.
This information only site is registered as Dragonskull Magick and has involved the input of Karl Bartoni,  Ed Solomon, Peter Marucci, Kotah, Mary Tomich, Christian Chelman and many others, all dedicated to promoting Bizarre, Storytelling or Unusual Magik and also honoring the memory of the man who is regarded as the Godfather of Bizarre Magic, Charles. W.Cameron. Special credit goes to Chris Walden for his troubleshooting help and advice for this website, without which this site would have ceased in 2017.

Performers of 'our kind of magic' are a small community spread throughout the world BUT our numbers are on the increase. Dragonskull Magik itself is a small community and we also aim  to provide information on many related topics in an entertaining manner to all visitors, especially those who are curious 'Mainstream' magicians. 

You can contact us through the 'comments & suggestions' link on the main page and fill out a feedback form but owing to health issues, someone might not be able to reply straight away.

Be assured, when using our feedback form, your address will not be passed on and you will not receive any unwanted mail. 

Watch out for some new sections being added to the site as and when possible. 


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Cookies: This site use only the cookies which are essential for the operation of this site and to gather anonymous usage statistics that we may use to improve the site. If this is not to your liking then please either 'disable cookies' on your PC or leave now, but we will miss you.

Dragonskull does not condone exposure of magic effects/tricks or routines under any guise on any national television program or to the general public in any way. No submissions to this website will be accepted from anyone who has exposed any type of magical effect on television or in public. 

Any performer, writer, lecturer or member of an event organising committee who is already listed or  has material on Dragonskull, will be removed if they have been party to exposure of any magical secrets, ripping off someone else's work, plagiarism or illegal activities OR supports any of these demeanors. In short, any contravention to the Ethics Of Magic.

No publicity, advertising, web links or reporting of events will be given by Dragonskull if the event has included the services of any known exposer of magic secrets, someone who has plagiarized someone else's work (be it an effect, prop, accoutrement, lecture, or any written work) or any other contravention to the Ethic's Of Magic. 

Dragonskull is allied to The Inner Circle Of Bizarre Magic and anyone who has a listing here will be removed if their membership to the ICBM is revoked. Expulsions from the ICBM are usually as a result of one or more of the above demeanors coming to light. No decisions for expulsion are taken lightly but are based on social interaction and contravening the Ethic's Of Magic.

Dragonskull will not take removal action against an individual based purely on hearsay.

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