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Bob Lynn,
a.k.a. Anthony Raven / a.k.a. Bob Raven
Sept. 7, 1930 - Nov. 3, 2005

Residing in the USA, Bob Lynn, under his name of Anthony Raven was a prominent magician, psychic entertainer, bizarrist & escape artist between the  1940's & 80's and was one of the early promoters of Bizarre Magick.

He co-founded the Psychic Entertainers Association in 1978 and was it's president 1978-83.

He published-edited 'The Blue Sheet' (only six issues, 1962-63), and only three issues of 'Private Journal' (1972-73).

As "Anthony Raven", he published-edited 'Invocation' (1974-81), 'Raven Report' (1977-79, four issues), and 'New Invocation' (1979-81).

He wrote 'The Necromantic Grimoire of Augustus Rupp' (1974).

In 1978 (appears to have been incorrectly printed as 1970), he published 'Pagan Images', a portfolio of drawings for the craft by famous fantasy illustrator Stephen E. Fabian (limited edition of 300). This contained nine printed art sheets, seven 'plates' plus illustrated title page and credits page. The wonderful drawings had been used in issues of 'Invocation'.

Other published works include "Imagination In Magic with Bob Lynn", "Psychikos" journal for the Psychic Entertainer's Association, P.E.N.I.S. - Psychic Entertainer's News & Information Service (the official publication for the P.E.A.), the first five years of "Vibrations" (offical publication of the P.E.A.)

In 2003 he came across this website and sent us a more in depth and updated biography and photo gallery which you can see on the next pages.

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