shadow hour 2 The Shadow Hour radio broadcasts devised and hosted by Chri


This was a weekly radio broadcast devised and hosted by Chris Walden for those interested in Paranormal topics of all kinds and it ran from 29/4/2009 and the last broadcast was on 22/2/2012.

Many listeners were oblivious to all the work involved behind each episode. Chris had to court and book the guests, he had to find interesting and weird news to share with people, he had to pre-interview guests and look into their information to know what they were talking about. It took several hours each week devoted to making the show go. He enjoyed it, but it was overwhelming, especially when he also started broadcasting programs for Bizarrists on his other channel, Dragonskull Radio in 2011.

The show is no longer broadcasting but you can still enjoy the sound archive of fascinating conversations which occurred with people in the paranormal world.

Click on the photograph below to be transported away from here to arrive at a page where the first ten programs are listed which you can listen too. However, if you click on the 'raw archive' link on that page, you will see a list of all the programs available.

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