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Finally, at 7.30 a.m. on the 31st October 2003 (Charles' birth date) the plaque was fixed on site by the makers, Charles Laing & Son of Edinburgh.

Firstly, fixing holes had to be drilled and a recess made in the wall. The recess being for a collection of documents including a full list of all those who had donated towards the plaque.

Next, the 'time capsule' was put in place and the plaque security fixed on the wall. Andrew Laing had brought along the flag of Scotland for the purpose of another unveiling, done by Alex and Graeme Brodie, the blacksmith working in association with Charles Laing & Sons.


This was the culmination of nearly two years effort to bring about this tribute to Charles W. Cameron. Preparation for this started in earnest during May 2003 and could not have been accomplished without many people rallying forth to help fund the project.

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