Details Of Magictales Two by Leslie Melville, published in 2012..

"Magictales Two"
More of the same but just a little ............... Darker!

by Leslie Melville.

Foreword by Jeff McBride.

Six years following the publication of his innovative first book – 'Magictales' – the Definitive Book of Storytelling Magic! - Leslie has created a second volume of even more exciting material. Simple to perform magical effects set within the context of interesting and entertaining plot lines.

Those who purchased the first book will be delighted to know that there are two additional presentations based on his highly praised 'Kismet' principle – one of them reconstructing a séance in which the identity of the notorious 'Jack the Ripper' is revealed! And the other, 'The Witchmaster's Secret' is a table top tale of the rescue of a witch condemned to a fiery death!

Additional material includes: A poignant 'Titanic' story presentation for the Haunted Key. 'The Dead Eye' is a spooky story application for Doug Higley's Demented Eye. And 'The Mark of the Grim Reaper' is a simple to do card trick – based upon an old plot. Leslie explains in full detail the construction of Roy Johnson's 'Flawless' - a first class envelope switching system including an original presentation first marketed by the legendary Ken Brooke.

Clarke 'The Senator' Crandall is represented in a discussion which includes Leslie's full working presentation of Crandall's 'One Handed Six Card Repeat'.

Other titles to whet your appetite:
'Another, then Another and Another' – Leslie's popular Repeat Banknote Jap Box Production. Also, 'An Adventure with a Leaf' - A life changing experience using the Okito Rising Pencil principle. Not all is aimed at the Bizarrist – there are a number of items for the children's entertainer, including the very topical 'Litter' plus a discussion and NEW (?) presentation of the Magic Colouring Book.

As in the first book, Leslie's thoughts and general philosophy are liberally spread throughout Magictales Two – He even discusses the opportunities for storytelling within an act of Illusions and offers a complete dramatised presentation of 'The Origami Box'.

'Magictales Two' contains 26 chapters and we are confident that there really is something for every performer.

Again, this book has been published by Leaping Lizards Magic to the same high quality as his previous book Magictales.

It is available now from many dealers as well as direct from Leaping Lizards Magic, to go there now and read more click HERE

Leaping Lizards Magic are also offering both of these books in a single hardcover volume for those who want them both together in a collector's edition. To go to the Leaping Lizards Magic site page about this click HERE.

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