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"Rings of Power,
Rings of Strength,
Rings for any Finger length."

We decided that DeNomolos was either enchanting us with a new spell or that he was getting ready to assault our minds with more of his historical rhetoric. Whatever the case, we were ready. Boredom was not the case this evening. DeNomolos presented some most interesting information.

"Having neither beginning nor end, a ring stands for eternity and perfection and is therefore an ideal pledge of faith between two people." "This quote", he said, "is from the book FINGER RING LORE written by William Jones in 1877 and it expresses the basic purpose of rings as seen by the people of his generation." "A symbolic gesture pledging one's troth to another."

This was only one of the ring mysteries as we were about to discover.

"From the days of prehistoric man, rings of bone and tissue, twisted braids of the stems of flowers and herbs were worn for protection and healing. Every civilization that followed has made use of rings for adornment and ritual purposes."

"A ring was the sign of the wearer’s authority. In Genesis, chapter 41 it says ' And Pharaoh said to Joseph, "Behold, I have set You over all the lands of Egypt." And Pharaoh took his signet ring from his hand and put it on Joseph's hand.....  Thus he set him over the lands of Egypt.'

"Every Cardinal, every bishop and every Pope has worn a ring of power' Every King, every Monarch and Potentate has sought and worn such rings of great magical power. Every Nun wears a symbolic wedding ring signifying being wed to Christ. King Solomon in all his Glory was said to have a ring so powerful that it would allow him to summon demons and allow him to fly at will."

"Rings of silver, rings of gold, rings of brass and copper. Rings of iron and coffin nails, horseshoe nails, Jade, Crystal. Hematite, Jasper, Carnelian are still available today if you know a good jeweler or and alchemist."

"Cure your gout and rheumatism with the right combination of metal and stone. And yes, even today, people believe and wear these kinds of rings."

"The goldsmith was called upon to fashion rings of fashion, passion and poison. A receptacle beneath the stone need be only quite shallow to hold enough of the right poison to flavor anyone's favorite drink. Rings today hold all sorts of gadgets and gizmos including watches, magnets and mirrors as well as precious stones."

"Everything from cramps to epilepsy could be cured with the proper ring. A gold ring rubbed on a sty was supposed quite effective. If the names of the members of the Holy Family were inscribed inside the ring, the power was greater and the names of saints and of the three wise men were other talisman inscriptions that provided great protection."

"Puzzle rings were made in two parts so that a single ring could be shared with a friend. Names like mood rings, engagement rings, friendship rings and wedding rings glamorize the article and are but reminders of the past histories of the rings of power. A sorcerer might have a collection of rings depending on what special spell needed to be cast. he might select a perfect ring for a perfect spell. he might have s ring for each day of the week and special ones for Holy Days."

"Our language is full of ring references like, 'The ring of Truth', 'That has a nice ring to it.' ' Give me a ring sometime.' ' Would you like for me to ring you in?'

"All in reference to magic circles and finger rings, these are but a few samples of what is left of Ritual Magic done with rings. Where have the legends gone, Where are the charm rings, the posy rings, the rings of silence, and the rings of fear? Where is the great knowledge that once was but now is forgotten? Are you just a bit curious as to where this is all going?

Do you believe in Magick?

"Perhaps you would like to be a first hand witness to......  some small spell. Something not too dangerous but convincing enough that you might just want to investigate further the Magic of Rings."

Opening an ornate box, DeNomolos displayed a set of unusual rings. Each was labeled in the box and they had names like the Ring of Deception, The ring of Truth, the Ring of Protection, the Ring of the Afterlife and so on. This could have been the collection of a sorcerer and knowing DeNomolos, it probably was.

He selected the Ring of Protection and proceeded to tell the tale as done by his favorite wizard, Tony Andruzzi. In all fairness to that Grand Wizard, I can not go into detail but I trust that with this accumulated knowledge you will seek out the Demon's Diary and follow the instructions on page 27. Try Magic INC in Chicago. Basically this is a bit of body magic where muscle resistance turns to fatigue and allows the spectators hand to be opened even though resistance is still enforce.

DeNomolos believes that the ring ring for the right occasion enhances the presentation whether it is a ring and string routine, a ring on a wand or cane or something like the Andruzzi effect mentioned above. Here are some examples from the DeNomolos collection.

Skulls, Wolves, wizards and Hematite.

Turquoise, Bat with Lapis, Snakes, and Bronze with Turquoise.

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