Lecture15 by Lyndon Webb

The mage tells a story of when
Medieval Witches and Warlocks came to know that their time on this mortal plane was about to end. He explains that they woke one morning to find a cross in the palm of their hand, written in charcoal/ash. From this sign, they knew that they had less than 24 hours of life left.

Performer lights a match and allows it to burn for a few seconds... .."to symbolize the journey through life" before blowing it out. "With the charred match, I will draw one straight line across my hand to symbolize me being a mage around Medieval times, and now I close my hand into a fist and wait for the magick to happen".

On opening his hand, there for all to see, is a thick black CROSS! "Aaahh, the cross of death, maybe the time has come for me to say goodnight", with that the mage packs away his things and leaves silently into the night.

OK this is dead simple and totally self working, when you draw the line across your hand (left) it must run from below your ring finger down diagonally to the right side of your hand and that's it.

This works equally well on the right palm as shown in the illustration (dotted lines indicates the natural creases in the palm).


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