Kismet or "The Enchanted Stepping Stones" by Leslie Melville. A wonderful book for performers of children's magic.

Leslie Melville's
or "The Enchanted Stepping Stones"

This super publication by Leslie Melville contains five completely different 15/20 minute stage/platform routines, built around one easy to learn effect!

Contained in the A4 format with slide binder (for easy access to the various items in the appendix), and approx. 50 pagesof the book is everything needed to perform:-

*The Prizewinner - A Game of Chance!
*The Treasure of Tortuga - A Pirate Tale!
*Harry Potter and The Slimy Swamp of Sludge!
*Arthur's Quest for the Dragon's Gold!
*An Egyptian Night of Rapture - Wife-Swapping Among the Pyramids!

Also included with the book is a gift of a 'Merlin's Purse' (A beautiful set of Buddha Papers) which can be used in the Arthur's Quest tale.


NO LONGER AVAILABLE, however, this is now included in Leslie Melville's first book,  'MAGICTALES' and also in the collectors special bound edition of the Magictales & Magictales Two books (yes, the two books as one hard bound book)


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