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Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, on Halloween, 31st October, 1927.  He is the eldest of two brothers. Educated at the Royal High School, Edinburgh, he served with the Royal Air Force in the Middle East during World War II.

 Charles took a keen interest in magic from an early age and at seven started conducting his own experiments.

 His only leaning to convention was when he became an accountant and worked with different commercial outlets throughout Edinburgh including the Sports Council.  His brother George became highly qualified in the Insurance field and is a published photographer and cartoonist.

 At one stage in Charles' varied career he studied psychology, but did not pursue it because it meant that he would have to study medicine and all the dissections that entailed.

Charles met and married Nan Sandilands a local lass from Haddington, East Lothian.  The couple settled in Haddington and raised two daughters Fiona and Lesley who, between them, have given Charles two grandchildren Hannah (4) and Jacob (1).  Sadly Nan died of cancer in 1993 and never saw Lesley get married or the two grandchildren.  Charles subsequently moved back to Edinburgh in 1997.


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