Details about "Brainstorm In My Pajamas", a book by Ronald Dayton.

Ronald Dayton's latest book, "Brainstorm In My Pajamas", a humourous title for one heck of an idea book. Ron Dayton is one of the most prolific minds in maagic, and after his alter ego - KOTAH has been popular on the bizarre scene for years as well. Well, Ron has compiled a series of ideas, tricks, improvements for his creations and MUCH MORE. We offer it here as the second in our "Magical Appetizer" series!

Some of the section titles and topics: 15 tips, A Card By Any Other Name, Aint Nothin Easy (a routine with Mardi Gras coins to verse), Bees Knees tongue twister mentalism, Card Box variations, How to dust old chestnuts, Diablo Rope, Enigma, Ideas with a Magic Funnel, Articles on creativity, a huge reference list for the magic inventor, Variations on the Coin Pail, variations on the Egg Bag, Essays on Pulls, Essays on Body Magic, Essays on :apping, Magic off the rack, Chinese Sticks, Card Catching, Magic with Bic pens, 18 effects with rubber cement, Magic with Silks, The Pea can, Thimbles, The Ball and Vase, The Cerebal Gym, Impromtu Bottle Levitation, Novelty Paper Plate Masks for the children's entertainer, Psychometric variations, Applications for Shiners, Slates, the Speed Reader Stack, Wands, The warlock's Finger, The Rabbit Wringer and MUCH MUCH MORE!

This book also contains a full series of designs for paper plate masks, a unique alternative to ballon animals for the enterprising children's performer.

This is a book for the inventor, wanna-be, and every performer who wants a giant resource of ideas they can use PLUS fertilizer for their OWN imaginations.

In the true style of the Magical Appetizer's series, this book is set up much like a buffet or meal to whet and hone your creative appetite!

Best of all, this book includes a reprint of the long unavailable Dayton Razor Blade Miracle! Ron's version of the razor blade trick is superb in that it uses only ONE set of razors, and nothing need be concealed in the mouth at the begining or the end. Yes, the EXACT same razors that go into the mouth separate, are the exact same ones that emerge strung together at the end!.

5 books or more in ONE!! 180 Plus full sized pages, with illustrations.

Dean Montalbano (Leaping Lizards, the publisher).

PRICE WAS...$39.99

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