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The Complete hard bound collection of
By Mary Tomich


This long and eagerly awaited hard bound edition containing all past issues has now been published (November 2013).

Since the final quarterly edition was released in 2002, many people who had missed out on the subscription have been asking Mary Tomich, when would a compilation book be released? Well now it has and the wait has been well worth it.

At 478 full size pages and about one and a half inches thick, this is a tome full of Bizarre and Storytelling Magic presentations and routines. 

To read more about the past Altar Flame quarterly click HERE.

The cost is only 85 dollars plus postage and packing.

Only 300 copies have been printed and there will never be another printing and copies can only be ordered directly from Mary Tomich.


You can only order now directly from Mary Tomich HERE

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