The 2006 archive contains a review for the Charles Cameron Memorial Gathering.

October  6th.,7th.& 8th, 2006. Edinburgh, Scotland.

Although the main day of the Gathering was pegged at being the 7th October, people started arriving in Edinburgh on the 1st. Each day onwards more people arrived and the party was already swinging before the 7th.

On the Friday (6th), we all eventually met up at one of our regular venues and were entertained by many volunteer performers. Ed Dunhill stepped in at a moments notice to act as Emcee for the afternoon as well as perform. There were many fine performances during this session and at tea time we all left the venue to go for a meal at an Italian restaurant.

The Saturday was a busy day throughout, at a different venue. We had informal performances during the daytime, a decent meal break and then back in the evening for a more formal show. Highlights of the day for me was seeing the 'Psychic Sausage' perfomed by Brian Maxell (tears of laughter, REALLY, at this performance which is already becoming legend) and then Joe Cabral closing the evening show with his Alagash presentation of the ultimate sword through neck effect (which he performed at an ICBM Gathering a few years ago). Many enjoyed an impromptu talk given by James Boyd about all the books of Tony Andruzzi which culminated in him letting people see the actual books and famous 'Scroll'.

Just as we thought the evening was over, our regular attendee Andy Younie, (who gives ghost tours around the Edinburgh streets which culminate in the Greyfriar's Graveyard) invited everyone on a ghost tour to that famous graveyard. Quite a number of us took up the invitation and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Andy and his crew arranged some special surprises on the tour too which made it all the more spooky.

Traditionally, on the Sunday we all meet up at the base guest house for a good exchange of ideas and then entertain a few children. The room was packed and everyone were delighted by the varied performances given. This brought the event officially to an end although the fun continued until all had left Edinburgh during the next few days.

Many newcomers to this annual Gathering enjoyed themselves so much that they booked in for the 2007 one before they left Edinburgh.

Over the Friday, Saturday and/or the Sunday afternoon the performers were (not in order):-

Leslie Melville, Brian Maxwell, Allain The Teller of Tales (Frank Allan), Kevin Price, Joe Cabral, Roni Shachnaey, Bernard Anderson, Brother Shadow, Richard Lavengood (with Alex), Kevin Cunliffe, Ed Dunhill and Matt Pernick.

Many enjoyed meeting Ed Dunhill and Matt Pernick for the first time and do hope to meet up again with them sometime and somewhere in the future. All in all it was another wonderful time this year and I applaud Karl Bartoni, Alex Wallace and Margaret Clark for doing so much work to make it so.

Ray Collins.

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