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In Edinburgh, Scotland, 11th., 12th. & 13th. October.

This gathering of bizarre magicians and friends of the late Charles W. Cameron took place over the weekend of October 10-13 in Edinburgh, Scotland. The main highlight of the weekend was the unveiling of the bronze plaque (which was installed at the entrance to the former Wax Museum in Edinburgh  on 31st of October, Charles' birth date). All present raised a glass of whisky to the memory of Charles W. Cameron, the Godfather of bizarre magic and ex-|Curator of the wax museum. This venue was also the home of his Castle Dracula Theatre. The total cost of this plaque project came to £1,400, which was raised by donations from many magicians and friends of Charles worldwide.

Attendees for the weekend came from all over Britain, from Sweden (Hugo Vesper, the new FISM President), from Italy (Marco Rebella), and from the U.S.A. (Mary Tomich, Ed Solomon, Brother Shadow - Carl Herron, Ed and Sandy Loveland and Katie Enright).

On Friday, after an excellent buffet in a private club, there was an impromptu magical evening with Bernard Anderson demonstrating a four-person levitation. Saturday brought good weather, a busy dealers area, and a packed day of events including the unveiling of the bronze plaque by Alex Wallace (partner of Charles W. Cameron) and Brother Shadow. Hosts for this evening were Alex Wallace, Margaret Clark and Adrian Harris (who was also the emcee).

Lecturers during the day were Michael Diamond, Ronaldo and then Ed Solomon. Magic during the evening was provided by B. J. Powers, 'Mary', Lesualt & Arcane, Michael Diamond, Dave Whetton, Ed Solomon, Brian Maxwell (with his I.B.M. competition act) and Ronaldo. Frank Allen ran the show, saw to all the performers needs and also provided entertainment.

A superbly organized event by Alex Wallace, Margaret Clark, Adrian Harris and Trevor McCombie which will go from strength to strength. 

Reported by Peter Ryder.

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