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The Inner Circle Of Bizarre Magic Convention, U.S.A.

13th.,14th.,& 15th. November,2003 at the
Radisson Hotel and Conference Center in Cromwell, CT, U.S.A.

This year's Gathering was the 12th Annual event and Robin DeWitt  the Honored guest this year. Lectures / performers included Bob Neale, Eugene Burger, Bob Fenton, Bill Finning. Also, this year's 2003 ICBM Gathering offered a lecture by our favorite Alchemist, the Headmaster and Science Teacher of SHADOWLAND High School, Larry White.  Larry described, demonstrated, and answered questions about chemical/science "Magick" while filling the room with smells, noise and a lot of weird fun!


Review #1 by Bruce Barnett.

"I just got back from the ICBM convention. What a great time! Memorable items:

Bill Fienning's Lecture on Magnetism
Ed Solomon's Lecture on senses and illusions
Larry White's lecture on chemical magic. (lecture notes were a sell-out, and included samples of many of
      the chemicals discussed!)
I missed Robert Neale's lecture, dangit! and I missed the wedding of Adrian and Lizbeth.

The shows were great for the most part. Highlights were Eugene Burger and Kardor. The Goth vs. Goth emceeing between Vlad and Adrian was another favorite: "Celtic food - that's where everything is served through a strainer", "Any more lip from you, and the doll gets it!"

Neech's tearing off the head was fun. I loved Ed's box of kisses. A new tradition was started when Brother Shadow got his own death certificate. Bill Fienning's portrayial of the 7 sins were done with feeling! I loved's Basco's production of the heart locket."


Review #2 by Kali.

"Another powerful gathering of the magi that leaves me once again speechless...well almost!
I would like to thank all the brothers and sisters for their support of my "works in progress".  This was my very first time performing on my own and I appreciate all of the kind feedback.  It was hard preparing for the piece with Dante arriving early but I am so glad I did.  I truly enjoyed it and I am inspired to do another performance at the next gathering.  This year I will have lots of time and the ability physically to practice!

Moments that brought tears to my eyes - Well, first off,  Joe Cabral presenting Dante with his first wand which was handcrafted was one of the most special moments of my life and certainly of Dante's! Thank you Joe.  Every one of Bosco's presentations touched heartstrings.  Bosco, you are an awesome storyteller.  Ed Solomon's very moving "Kisses" presentation had a knot in my throat.  The Deery's sharing their handfasting.

Bob Neale's lecture was impressive with cute, quirky effects that I want to try. Bill Fienning's lecture on magnets was very valuable information.  Bill always seems to have great tidbits of very useful information in all of his lectures. Larry White's lecture had all the lightbulbs zapping in my mind!  It even felt like I was back in 10th grade chemistry!

The Close-Up show was as expected - impressive.  Vlad and Adrian alternately jabbing at each other! Evil Dan's fly routine had me laughing so hard my belly hurt.

And of course, the dinner show was outstanding. Kardor's routine was hilarious, Malak's rings had an unusual celtic flair, Brittanny's snake production was awesome and in keeping with the bizarre theme. And of course I can not forget Eugene Burger whose stage presence was quick witted and jovial.  He is an awesome performer and a warm heart.
It was marvelous being in the company of good friends and part of the gathering where everyone shares the same beliefs and nurturing of magick.  And a gathering of this kind is...real magick!"


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