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Deceptions Unlimited Presented...
 the legendary E. Raymond Carlyle,
in a Special Lecture Night,
 on Wednesday, May 15th in Pittsburgh, U.S.A.


Carlyle is a master magician and mentalist. He is also the original performer from the Houdini Séance Theater at the Magic Castle, where he created many of the ideas, methods, and routines that are still in use today.

This special lecture held in May included many of his creations and adaptations that he has used for decades to amaze audiences from coast to coast, and abroad. There was truly something for every magical performer during the evening.

All seats were taken as the lecture was free of charge as Deceptions Unlimited has decided to wave the cost of the lecture as a way of saying thank you to those that have supported their efforts to consistently bring outstanding live magic to the Pittsburgh area.

The lecture was one part of a video project that was being produced by Deceptions Unlimited. This meant that those who attended  had the chance to be on the upcoming video release featuring the magic of Carlyle. So you do not want to miss your opportunity to be a part of this historical evening.

A great night had by all.

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